About Us

Our Vision

We manage so you can grow.

Busiconnect I.T. is dedicated to managing the technologies of small and medium sized businesses. We provide Managed and Pay As You Go services which encompass everything from computer repairs to full Service Agreements.

All in all, Busiconnect IT is all about you… the business owner and the needs of your people and your network  technology. Our philosophy is to help people and care in a polite and timely way. The only way we know how to make other people’s lives easier is to provide them with essential IT services that we love to do.

 The Mission

We believe that the successful use of technology will improve workflow, keep a company secure, and will help boost the profitability of companies. We do this through the actions of organising, managing, and innovating the technology.

Core Values

We love technology and we love people and we are always there to help.