Cloning Ambition

Clone your hard drive to keep your data safer... After about 5 years of constant use and wear and tear, that part of your computer (called the Hard Drive) that stores all your data, photos, important documents and emails starts to have a limited lifespan. This device is mechanical and is made up of levers, spindles, and springs which do wear ... More

Windows 8 Keystroke shortcuts…

Windows 8 shortcuts really show the power of the Windows 8 operating system. Many of these shortcuts allow you to manouver around the Charms, Apps, and the powerful Search utilities when using Windows 8 on a PC. To use these shortcuts, you need to hold down the "Start" key first on the lower left of your keyboard and then select the ... More

Dust – the enemy of the computer.

Dust - the silent killer? Dust is the silent killer for your computer. It gets into your fan bearings and erodes them so they stop working causing your system to overheat. If your system overheats it could catch on fire any heavy dust build up (like pet hair). Dust will also act as an insulating blanket on your computer chips and ... More

Wasting valuable resources trying to fix something for the first time…

Did you know that most of the time, the first time you try and fix something there is a certain amount of trial and error that comes with that. Humans have to learn first, we don't come with manuals in our head. So why do people try and fix their own computers knowing that they could put their data in jeopardy doing the fix as a one off ... More

Why upgrade / build a gaming machine when my family computer works just fine!!!

You spend hours in front of a screen and your computer is doing it tough trying to push out the best graphics as it can so that you get the best gaming experience. So, are you getting the best bang for your buck from your family friendly machine because it can run the game you mostly play, probably not, because it is using standard graphics ... More