Wasting valuable resources trying to fix something for the first time…

computer repairs2Did you know that most of the time, the first time you try and fix something there is a certain amount of trial and error that comes with that. Humans have to learn first, we don’t come with manuals in our head.

So why do people try and fix their own computers knowing that they could put their data in jeopardy doing the fix as a one off and for the first time. It’s because they think they can save some dollars doing the job themselves. Sigh!.

Lets take an example case study.
A Small Business has a computer issue with the computer shutting itself down every so many hours. Now the customer needs to review the software and the hardware. Not understanding how the software works, the customer goes and opens the computer to check to see if anything is amiss. I just pray that the customer has grounded themselves first before opening the case else he might fry a chip on the motherboard rendering it useless (that’s expensive!).

Ok, the customer sees a fan that is not working, removes it and decides to go chasing for a replacement fan. Sometimes the fan wires are cabled onto other cables and you need to cut the cable tie and if done badly could lead to other important wires being partially cut without you knowing it.

Now the chase is on for a new fan. How many hours and fuel are spent looking for a shop to find this specific fan only to find that it is of a specific non-generic size? You might get lucky but the fan connector to the mainboard has to be correct as well.  You finally find a fan in ebay and wait 2 days for it to be sent to you.

Last but not least the fan needs to be re-installed into the computer. A lot of the components in a computer are reasonably fragile, and if you push the fan connectors onto the pins too hard because they don’t seem to fit, you may find you have bent or broken the pins causing you more pain.

Hopefully you have your system back but it was all an educated guess with trial and error.

At Busiconnect I.T. we have all the learning in place and our trouble shooting and repair skills are at an expert mastery level.

Value our service and knowledge and you will save time and fuel with a guarantee of work done.